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2017 is here with an exciting new series for the Eastern Cape

In 2017, Michael Stephen Racing together with the Algoa Kart Club will be introducing an exciting new 4-Stroke Karting Series in Port Elizabeth.

The racing series is aimed at adults with reduced costs and having FUN, including the entire family, friends and corporates. The race format will initially consist of a practice and qualifying session with 2 x 45min endurance races on the day. The races will include 3 compulsory pit stops/driver changes, thus allowing 4 competitors per kart to take place in one race! A minimum of 2 drivers per kart is required and there will be a minimum weight for driver/kart.

With 2-4 drivers able to take part, the costs for the kart, entry etc. can be split up to 4 ways making it really affordable to get involved.

The races will take place after a normal kart race day and will not take up the entire day. Kids can still play school sport, parents can do shopping etc., yet still come and enjoy some jam packed action at the end of the day, with prize giving taking place after the event in the clubhouse for further entertainment.

Michael Stephen Racing has put a number of karts through their paces putting extensive mileage on the engines, and the series has proved to have VERY low running costs. The idea behind the concept is to make it cheap and affordable, FUN and the ability to split costs is the key factor. With a complete ENGINE package (Engine, Exhaust System, Clutch, Sprockets, Chain, Fuel Pump etc.) costing R7 995, split 4 ways becomes REALLY affordable. The idea is to purchase a 2nd hand chassis and put a 4-stroke engine on and go racing! The complete package, kart and engine can vary anywhere between R15k-25k, again split 4 ways makes it really affordable. Running costs for race meetings will really be 8l of fuel, entry fee and tyres. Tyres will initially be Mojo’s, with many 2nd hand tyres available from normal karting. There will be a limited of the number of new tyres for the season, preventing cheque book racing.

Teams will also be required to join the club, (Although this series will not be run as an MSA series, the club membership will enable team members to utilise the Club and practice facilities), TEAM memberships will apply, preventing each individual from having to take out a full Club membership. Teams will therefore be able to practice at the track on non-race days as well.

10 karts are being built, with interest in more than another 10 karts currently underway.

For anyone wanting to get involved without having to spend money upfront, Michael Stephen Racing and the Algoa Kart Club will have limited karts available for rent on a first come first serve basis as well.

For more information on the Series, please contact:

Michael Stephen: 0827798523

Roger Stephen (Algoa Kart Club Chairman): 0829338007

3 thoughts on “2017 is here with an exciting new series for the Eastern Cape

  1. Henry Schultz

    I assisted Patsy Roos and Grant Mc Cleery, in setting up the first 4 stroke karting endurance series in South Africa.
    18 years down the line they have fields of 40 machines and now including a junior class with 14 machines.
    They have a yearly 12 hour event which is such fun, sponsoring 2 karts, one for lady racers and one for the press.
    It is affordable and very enjoyable fun.
    Any help needed in setting up rules or guidelines I am here for you Michael.

    It is worth the money and fun.

  2. Richard Chambers

    Hi – Would like to join the 4 stroke class. Have my own chassis. What would cost be to have motor fitted please ?

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