Algoa Kart & Motorcycle Club

About Bike Racing

Welcome to the world of Bike Racing and Algoa Kart Club!

Algoa Kart and Motorcycle Club offers a little something for everyone, and one of our proud segments on offer is our bikes. In summary, there are three categories :
1. For beginners, we offer the NR49cc MiniMoto Class.
2. For the more experienced riders, Honda NSF 100cc Class
3. For the senior and experienced junior riders, Honda CBR 150cc Class

For more information, please contact and one of our experienced representatives will be in touch!

NR49cc MiniMoto Class:

For young beginners with no previous experience. The programme is run by PECBR Racing Development and it is a “Pay to Ride” class, or riders may provide their own motorcycles.
This class is supported by Motorsport South Africa.

Honda NSF 100cc Class:

Honda and SAMRA have provided PECBR Racing Development with eight 100cc motorcycles to be used for the purposes of training and racing. Riders will progress from the NR 49cc MiniMoto class to this class, after they have built up sufficient race experience. It is a “Pay to Ride” class
This class is supported by Motorsport South Africa.

Honda CBR 150cc Class:

This class is a natural progression from the Development Classes and caters for senior and junior riders, so all ages are able to participate.

All three classes are in alignment with the National Short Circuit Racing regulations, so that our young riders are able to participate at national events.

For more information contact