Algoa Kart & Motorcycle Club


There are two overarching categories namely :

  1. MSA Motorsport Racing; and
  2. Exciting 4-Stroke Series

MSA Motorsport Racing

The category you participate in is determined by three different things:

  1. Age
  2. Type and/or capacity of engine
  3. Level of participation

The classes currently hosted by AKMC is:

AgeEngineClassMinimum MSA Licence Required
5 to 9 years old50cc C51 Comer engineCadetClub
8 to 13 years old60cc Vortex- ROK or Maxterino Engine60cc TagRegional
12 – 16 years old125cc Vortex ROKJNR ROKRegional
12 – 16 years old125cc RotaxJNR MaxRegional
15 year old +100cc – 125cc engineClubmansClub
15 year old +125cc RotaxSNR MaxRegional
15 year old +125cc Vortex ROKSuper ROKRegional
15 year old +125cc RotaxDD2Regional
Open to all drivers from the year of their 18th birthday. In addition, competitors under the age of 18 may participate from the year of their 16th birthday, subject to them having had a minimum of two (2) years motor sport experience.125cc 6 speed gearbox125 shifterClub

Exciting 4-Stroke Series

Michael Stephen Racing together with the Algoa Kart Club will be introducing an exciting new 4-Stroke Karting Series in Port Elizabeth.

The racing series is aimed at adults with reduced costs and having FUN, including the entire family, friends and corporates. The race format will initially consist of a practice and qualifying session with 2 x 45min endurance races on the day. The races will include 3 compulsory pit stops/driver changes, thus allowing 4 competitors per kart to take place in one race! A minimum of 2 drivers per kart is required and there will be a minimum weight for driver/kart.

With 2-4 drivers able to take part, the costs for the kart, entry etc. can be split up to 4 ways making it really affordable to get involved.

Michael Stephen Racing has put a number of karts through their paces putting extensive mileage on the engines, and the series has proved to have VERY low running costs. The idea behind the concept is to make it cheap and affordable, FUN and the ability to split costs is the key factor. 

Teams will also be required to join the club. Club membership will enable team members to utilise the Club and practice facilities (click here to join), but important is that this is a TEAM memberships will apply (i.e. up to 4 members per kart, minimum 2), preventing each individual from having to take out a full Club membership. Teams will therefore be able to practice at the track on non-race days as well.

For more information on the Series, please contact:

Michael Stephen on +27 82 779 8523 or Alternatively visit his page by clicking here.