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Decisions to be made for 2016

Many of you are in the process of deciding what options you have for you child to race in 2016?

Questions like:-

  1. Where would it suit my budget?logo-South Africa
  2. Where would my child be competitive?
  3. Which class will there be the most competitors or least?


Cadet competitors, who are turning 8 years old next year, have the option to move to one of the two mini classes available.

The speed differential when moving up, was a concern of the karting commission, and the mindset of an 8 year old competing against a 10 or 13 year old would make it difficult.

Vortex Italy launch last year an in-between class called Micro Rok, this class would cater for the ages 6 to 10 years old, especially if your child is a very small 10 year old. The age overlap would allow kids to either move up to Mini Rok or stay in their class.

To give you some insight to how the Micro Rok will be introduced.

The karting commission and MSA have agree the parameters by which a new class or new equipment can to be introduced to karting South Africa.

  • Firstly we need two clubs to endorse the product/class in two different regions.
  • These classes would be introduced on club events as demonstration race.
  • After a year, a written report presented to the karting commission and MSA has to be compiled.
  • Based on the success of the new class or product an application for homologation maybe applied for.
  • Then it would become an official club class in its second year, application for regional status maybe applied for in the third year provided the class has met all the requirements.

What are the benefits for the competitor entering the Micro Rok class

  1. No frustrating search for a good motor.
  2. Budget is a fixed amount with no hidden costs.
  3. No research and development necessary.
  4. No engine building bills.
  5. Fair and equal engine performance.
  6. Fuel control
  7. Competitor can focus on driving and kart setup.
  8. Fair and competitive racing.
  9. Bridges the gap between Cadet and Mini Rok.
  10. The chassis can be used in Micro Rok and Mini Rok when your child moves up.
  11. 900 or 950 chassis may be used, both of these chassis are homologated for Mini Rok, 950 chassis is the size of the currant Mini Rok chassis.


If you child is turning 8 years old next year and you would like to enter one of the mini classes.

What are the benefits for your child to compete in Mini Rok:

You are faced with two options- Mini Rok or  Maxterino.

Benefits to join Mini Rok are:

  • Mini Rok has a comprehensive set of rules based on the International rules use world wide.
  • Vortex parts price has been slashed to assist the competitor, price comparisons need to be made to evaluate how cheap our parts are in comparison.
  • No variants in components, there are no continual upgrades. For example only one type/make of piston and it’s dimension, sizes are 41.88 up 41.98 to allow for the wear on the sleeve.

Cylinder head, crank and con-rod have remained unchanged in the last 5 years.

  • Engines produced in house by Vortex. Hence tolerances are controlled by Vortex. And only Vortex parts may be used.
  • Only one series motor, barrels built in the last five years have the same port dimensions.
  • Engine performance variant is minimal; engine performance is a lot closer and is proven on track, the whole field’s lap times usually 1 second difference.
  • Not necessary to buy more than two engines, or seek a special motor. One for race and one for practice.
  • You may work on your own engine if you are mechanical minded or if you wish to do so.
  • You are not compelled to use a specific engine builder.
  • Engine gets sealed on race day, technical sporting checks confirm the legality.
  • Very little if anything, within the rules can be modified to gain a performance advantage.
  • Consistent sporting technical checks done within the series to maintain equalization.
  • Very competitive, your child will learn from the best drivers in his or her age group.
  • Very well attended, with competitors that are novice beginners right up to seasoned competitors.
  • We have introduced fuel control 2015, so competitors do not have to test special oils at a huge expense and the fact that all competitors race with the same fuel mix.


We have seen this year how close the racing has been at regional and National level.

We have also seen how inexpensive this class can be, ALtan Bouw used only one engine for the whole season, this engine  was on the last piston 41.98. RKT replace the piston for every national only because they wanted to save the barrel from going oval.

Kwanda Mokoena has 3 Mini Rok motors that are all 2 plus years old. His race motor has had 2 new pistons this year and one piston ring.

The pit myth is that one has to rebuild these motors for every race is not true, in fact the mini’s best performance comes once you have put miles on the new piston.

Please feel free to contact myself, Wayne Masters, for any further information or if you have any questions.

You can contact me on wayne@performancemasters or 0824409777

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