Algoa Kart & Motorcycle Club


  • How do we get started? 

This is probably one of the most asked questions and the simple answer is to buy a kart. If you are asking this you have already decided that this is something that you or your kids want to do, so don’t waste any time, choose a class at club level suitable for your or your kid’s age find a kart that is for sale and jump in. Buying a secondhand kart first would mean that you shouldn’t lose much capital if you decide later on to try something else and want to sell it again.

  • What do we need in terms of tools and transport?

A very basic tool set with spanners and pliers will do and what you don’t have the person next to you will. Cable ties and ductape seems to temporarily fix it all. We seen karts on roof racks, on the back seat, back of the LDV and on top of a Venter trailer (seems to be the popular option).  You can have an enclosed trailer built if you want the comfort of just hooking it off when you are finished or just getting ready for the next session. Most tracks also have storage options at the track, for a slight fee of course.

  • What would a season cost?

Well, how long is a piece of string? It all depends on the class you are competing in, the level you want to compete at and if you are wanting to travel or just compete locally.

Starting out in the local club competitions and after you have acquired your kart and kit you could probably take part in all the races locally for under R10k for the season in the cadette class and in the region of R25k in the senior classes in our region, depending of course on accident damage and how well you look after your engine.