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GP 125 (Shifter) on the rise

Having missed the previous round two Regional event due to the race having to be postponed, all 125 Gearbox competitors were keen to get back on track and racing again during Round 3 of ROK CUP SA held at Zwartkops on the 2nd of June.

An excellent fields of 22 entries were received from the three gearbox classes, this was made up of eight 125 GP karts, seven Superkarts and seven Veteran karts

Qualifying on Saturday morning reflected that a close days racing was in store throughout the field, Kyle Lawrence set a pole time of 43.031, the top six qualifiers were separated by less than half a second.

Race one was a hard fought affair, eventually the win was taken by Bevan Williams, Scott Falconer was second and Kurt Bakewell third, the first six places were covered by less than six seconds. The mid field battle was just as intensely fought with positions seven to twelve also covered by less than six seconds

Race two was a repetition of race one with no quarter given, good clean racing by all concerned. This time the race win was taken by Kyle Lawrence, Bevan Williams was second and Scott Falconer was third. The pace was blistering with the top four all lapping consistently with low 43’s

Once again the usual protagonists were contesting at the front of the field in race three. Kyle Lawrence was once again the man to beat and took the race win, Bevan Williams was second with Kurt Bakewell third. There were close battles thru the remainder of the field with good racing by all

Final results for the days racing was:-

GP 125 Results:-

1st Scott Falconer, 2nd Kurt Bakewell, 3rd Miguel Diaz

Superkart Results:-

1st Kyle Lawrence, 2nd Bevan Williams, 3rd Michael Pringle

GP125 Veterans

1st Louis Wiid, 2nd Mauro Munari, 3rd Laurance Jones

The 125 Gearbox class continues to be one of the best supported classes in the country with constant enquires from new competitors wanting a piece of the action. For any enquires relating to Shifter Kart Racing please contact Mike Venske on 082 570 3233 or Miguel Dias on 082 899 5315.


(Published on behalf of the GP125 Association)

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