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MSA 2016 National Karting Events

As many of you will be aware, your commission was approached by some competitors at the SA National Championship event held in Port Elizabeth this past weekend regarding the rescheduling of the Rotax classes participation at iDube over the weekend of the 16-18 of June 2016.

While the Karting Commission agrees this change is not ideal, we assure you the decision was not taken lightly, there are circumstances that have changed since August 2015 when the dates were set.

  1. World Finals for both Rok and Rotax are to be held between the 15th and 22nd of October 2016. In the case of the Rotax classes this is some 6 weeks earlier than historically when the event was held around the end of November even into the first week of December. The effect of this means we need to complete our Championships +/- 6 weeks before these dates to allow our winners time to make the necessary travel arrangements etc.


Potentially 15 of our National competitors will qualify for participation in these world final events or about 16.4% of our national competitors. Plainly we would like to give our competitors every opportunity to participate at World Final level. The two world final events meant that we would need to complete all qualifying events by not later than the end of August.

  1. The effective withdrawal of our Junior Rok, Senior Rok and X30 classes had a devastating effect on the rotation of our SA National Championship events. As national competitors you will be aware that in order to service our 5 active clubs, we have over recent years run two half nationals in rotation, being one half the Rok & X30 classes and the Rotax classes as the other half.


The commission understands that the viability of our clubs is essential to the growth and sustainability of karting in South Africa. In terms of the rotation iDube was scheduled to host the half national for the Rok/X30 classes. KZN Kart club is one of our smaller clubs which relies on its’ annual national event to assist with regional and club racing throughout the year. Without healthy clubs the future of our sport will be seriously compromised.

As you will have observed the commission tried very hard to schedule national events, where possible, this year over long weekends and school holidays. The date of the 16-18 June, being a long weekend was inscribed in our calendar albeit for the Rok and X30 classes and in accordance with the rotation system.

The commission thoroughly researched the school holidays and exam timetables in so far as it may affect the 16-18 June. We can confirm that Friday the 17th  of June is a school holiday nationally. Aside from our matric students, some of whom may indeed be writing on Monday the 20th of June, depending on their subject choices. Many schools  and universities have not yet published there timetables for the June exams and will only do so around mid-May.

  1. African Open: the commission further understood in order to fit in the African Open event which may qualify some competitors for the Rotax world finals, it too would need to be completed by mid- August. Some suggestions were tendered that the African Open be run behind the Zwartkops round on the 21st of August. This was an option however the originally scheduled Zwartkops National round is neither in school holidays nor over a long weekend.
  1. Extreme Festival: Several of our senior competitors also participate in the Xtreme Festival series. There is an Extreme event scheduled for Zwartkops on the 16th of June, these competitors have agreed to travel from Zwartkop to iDube to participate at the iDube national and we thank them for their commitment in this regard.
  1. The spread of events across the provinces, in respect of travel does not appear to have changed, including the African Open, coastal competitors will travel 4 times, while Northern Regions competitors will travel 3 times.


We really trust that those competitors who may be involved in examinations soon after the iDube event will see their way clear to putting in extra study time before iDube and come along for a weekend of R & R with their fellow competitors and friends.

Competitors who, having considered the above and are willing to suggest a better alternative are very welcome to write to me as a matter of urgency, bearing in mind that many may have already made travel arrangements while others will do so shortly.

Suggestions should reach us by close of business on Thursday the 5th of May 2016

Kind Regards

Joy Dolinschek

MSA Karting Commission President

Tel (O) 021 556 6037

Cel 083 703 5010

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