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To all Members:

It has been a truly extraordinary few weeks and all of us on the AKMC Committee hope you and your families are keeping well, safe and adapting to the new norm. We have been actively trying to understand the impact of COVID-19 on motorsport and have been in contact with local authorities and MSA in efforts to open our facility as others have around the country.

It is important to keep in mind that the crisis is continuing to evolve rapidly and even though we are opening the facility, this status may change on short notice. The health and well-being of our members remains number one priority, and therefore we will have to put steps and processes in place in order to follow guidance issued by local government and health authorities.

As mentioned above, the way we operate and conduct the facility on a go-forward basis will be very different to the past and will need the co-operation of every member to make this a success, fun and safe environment for all. There is also a cost attached to operating under this environment, and therefore we ask that you support this initiative to ensure it is viable.

Unlike many other facilities, AKMC is not a registered company, we are an amateur sporting club, and this is something that we will have to change going forward. Neither are we a registered testing facility.

To open the facility, we are going to have to follow a few guidelines and protocols to avoid being fined or shut down. It is important to note that the onus will be on all Members to follow the rules set out and assume responsibility for their actions and own safety. Members not following the rules will be requested to leave the facility, if need be reported to the authorities and if non-compliance continues the AKMC committee will reassess the decision to open the facility.

Police have been to other facilities operating in our metro and checked compliance, examples:

  • Masks (now law to be worn in public spaces)
  • Sanitizers
  • Social distancing
  • Compliance officer
  • Register 
  • Access Control
  • Not more than 50 People

There will need to be controls, there will need to be changes, there will be a charge to hire the facility, there will be limited access.

Requirements to use the Facility:

The following points will be required by everyone whom wishes to utilise and book the facility :

  • NO Mask – NO ENTRY
  • Access restricted to Members ONLY
  • Practice social distancing
  • No alcohol or socializing on the premises
  • Unfortunately, no spectators
  • Facility capacity is maximum 50 people at all times
  • Report directly to the Compliance Officer on duty before using facility.
  • Attendees will then proceed to the compliance officer, be screened, complete the register and required documentation
  • If karts are shared, they are to be sanitized by own crew with own sanitizers
  • All members/attendees will enter at own risk and are to bring own sanitizer and ppe
  • Non-compliance means exit of venue

For ease, here are the links to register – online booking

How it will work:

  • A day will be divided into 2 sessions, morning and afternoon 8am to 12am and 1pm to 5pm with 23 slots a session, (46 users, 4 staff).
  • A slot allows 1 bike or kart, i.e. a driver/rider and assistant / coach / mechanic / parent.
  • If you require an additional person, additional slots must be booked and paid for.
  • The entrance to the left down the straight will be blocked off.
  • Complete COVID-19 Declaration form and give copy to compliance officer.(See link here). Complete one per attendee. (Will automate for future events)
  • Members/Attendees will enter through the “new” pits and stopped at a check point and report directly to the Compliance Officer on duty before using facility.
  • Follow Compliance officers’ instructions including, but not limited to screening, temperature, submission of the questionnaire (See link here) and register would be required. (Will automate for future events)
  • Once completed and approved you may enter
  • Every second pit occupied
  • If karts are shared, they are to be sanitised by own crew with own sanitizers
  • There will be a grid controller to run classes as well as an assistant to compliance officer to monitor user’s compliance
  • All members/attendees will enter at own risk and are to bring own sanitizer and ppe
  • Completion of updated membership forms and documentation
  • You will always be required to wear a mask, except when on track, helmet on
  • Under no circumstances would sharing of personal equipment be allowed
  • No CASH


  • R100 per slot for member with practice card
  • R160 per slot no practice card

* Awaiting clarification in non-member usage

The Facility will open only 1 day per week initially until sufficient need for more days.

Daniel Bright has indicated he would be available initially to be our compliance officer and setup the above


cannot exceed 50 people
no spectators
no selling of food yet
no selling of alcohol yet
no cash – online booking only


Clinton Moss

Chairman AKMC 2020

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