Algoa Kart & Motorcycle Club

Results from Round 6 of AKMC Championship

1st- Ethan Jacobs
2nd- Bryce Loenen
3rd- Kiara Potgieter
60cc Juniors
1st- Thaiyen Govender
2nd- Keisha Potgieter
3rd- Aidan Barnard
4th- Jared Loenen
Clubman group A
1st- Johann Stander
Clubman group B
1st-  Cameron Kelly
2nd-  Kean Barnard
3rd-  Craig Borges (Border Kart Club)
Clubman group C
1st- Chad Evans
2nd- Craig Loenen
Super Rok
1st- Cameron Kelly
2nd- Craig Borges (Border Kart Club)
3rd- Chad Evans
1st-  Johann Stander
2nd- Craig Borges (Border Kart Club)
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