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Rok CUP South Africa is to launch the “CIK-FIA Junior Academy Trophy South Africa”

Rok Cup SA announce that they will launch the highly successful “CIK-FIA Academy Trophy” class that will powered by the Vortex Rok OK-DDJ 125cc engine and OTK Chassis. The CIKFIA Junior Academy Trophy is the official CIK-FIA class for Junior competitors and will make its debut in South Africa for competitors from the year of their 12th birthday to the year of their 15th birthday occurs – 31st December at the beginning of 2017.

The CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy (7th year) is a unique Competition and is one of a kind that compares the best hopefuls from around the world on equal terms. Young Drivers from the year of their 12th birthday to the year of their 15th birthday are invited to represent their country at the wheel of one make Kart (Chassis & Engine) that is randomly drawn by the competitor. Utilizing a financial component that is relegated to the background, the formula allows the most promising talents of the younger generation to be revealed.

The OTK Group involvement – Vortex Rok & Chassis:

In 2015 the OTK Group won the tender to supply the Vortex engines and Chassis to the CIKFIA Karting Academy Trophy drivers for the next three seasons. The OTK Group will from 2016 to 2018 be supplying the OK-DDJ engines and an OTK chassis that comply with the newly launched CIK-FIA OK-Junior class regulations.

CIK-FIA Karting Academy – Europe 2016 and going forward:

  1.  Over 39 Countries participate in the CIK-FIA Junior Academy Trophy Championship.
  2. The local ASN’s select the Driver to representing their country. (MSA)
  3. The CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy revolves around three Competitions, integrated into the most prestigious Karting Championships.
  4. 3 x Round Championship (Different Countries)
  5. The winner of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy will be invited to participate free of charge to CIK-FIA World Junior Championship held in Bahrain in November 2016 with one of the official teams of the OTK group.
  6. The CIK-FIA will also offer the top five overall in the Academy Trophy in 2016, free entry to whichever 2017 CIK-FIA Championship they choose. This bonus can be estimated on average as being worth €2,000 per Driver.
  7. The 2016 championship had 39 ASNs (Including South Africa) registered for allocated seat with second seats being offered to countries that participate in CIK-FIA classes.


South Africa Vortex Rok Promoters & Importers:

The South African Promoters and Importers of the Vortex Rok engines will be introducing a replica format of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy with the assistance of the OTK Group – Chassis and Engines. Motorsport South Africa (MSA) has over the last two years has chosen a young Karting competitor to represent South Africa at the CIK-FIA Junior Academy Trophy. Top youngsters like Stuart White – 2015 and Jordan North – 2016 have benefited from this experience. MSA will again be sending another one of our top competitors to represent South Africa in 2017 to the CIK-FIA Junior Academy Trophy championship.

Vortex Rok – OK DDJ engine:

The Vortex Rok – OK DDJ engine was born to follow the CIK regulations of the new International Junior category. The OK DDJ has gone back to direct drive as per the CIK regulations with rev limiter at 14000 RPM and the 20mm Carburetor. It’s a single – cylinder 2 stroke with a displacement 124.96cc, Reed valve intake to the crankcase.

The DDJ 125cc engine is liquid cooled through an external pump with a push to start system with a decompression valve. The analog ignition makes for an easy start, with a 54 x 54.29mm bore and has a cast iron CNC made cylinder. The 5/5 transfer ducts, oval exhaust and a boosters, with the L type Piston Ring, balance shaft with C4 Radical bearings.

On its debut the Vortex Rok OK-DDJ engine had competitors in the pit areas buzzing due to its performance, high quality and drivability, immediately becoming the absolute protagonist of the category. The reliability, performance and easiness of use make the DDJ the best engine and natural choice of the CIK for the CIK Academy Trophy class for the next three (3) years.

The Junior Academy Trophy will be part of the new “Vortex Rok Revolution” being the next step for the competitors currently competing in the highly successful Mini Rok 60cc class.

The Promoters of the Rok CUP SA will be announcing shortly a “New” local Series that will have many new initiatives for the current Rok competitor, new competitors with opportunities that have no other series can make claim to!

The “SA Junior Academy” initiative will allow the local Promoters to;

  1. Introduce the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy Championship to South Africa.
  2. Create a junior competitor Development programme.
  3. Open to Competitors from the year of their 12th birthday to the year of the year of their 15th birthday occurs – 31st December.
  4. The CIK-FIA Junior Academy Trophy class will be recognized as the only CIK-FIA Junior class in South Africa.
  5.  Implement the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy Rules & Regulations.
  6. Winner of the Junior Academy Trophy SA will represent SA in 2018
  7. Introduce a Junior Academy training programme (2 day workshop)
  8. CIK-FIA Academy Trophy championship will be on Rental programme.
    1. Kart (Chassis & Engine) will be drawn at each event. o Rental engines (Rok OK-DDJ) to be numbered or specially marked.
    2. Rental x 6 will include Open Practice (Friday) and Race day (Saturday)o Rental x 3 Official Practice events (2 x Day events)
    3. Practice engine/s may be purchased and marked as a practice engine
  9. The Class will be powered by the Vortex Rok OK-DDJ Engine
  10. The Junior Academy Trophy championship will be over 6 x Rounds;
    1. Zwartkops International Kart Raceway.
    2. Vereeniging Kart Circuit.
    3. Possible other Circuit/s o Over 18 heats of which 12 best scoring heats to count.
  • Junior Academy Practice days & Driver Workshops. o Practice – three (3) x 2 day events.
  • Winner will receive entry to the Rok Cup International Final.
  • Winner will be the MSA representative to the Junior CIK-FIA Academy Trophy for 2018

For further details contact Garry Rogers on 082 351 1638 or via email

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