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Vortex – ROK in SA still strong and supported for 2016 and beyond

To give an update to what has transpired over the last month and going forward as far as Rok is concerned.

Firstly despite all the rumors about the death of Rok, which has been bantered around by certain individuals for the last year and a half are untrue.
We have had huge challenges regarding the negative talk about the Vortex products and the divergence of competitors being talked into” NOT racing the Rok classes”.
We give you our assurance that all vortex products will be supported as has been in the past. We have a stock holding in excess of R1m, we will not let the Rok competitors down.

However, it is true that we have withdrawn from participating in  “The karting commission”, MSA and the “Technical working Group”. After a year and a half dealing with the politics and administration of karting, we reached a point where we realized that we have no room to grow the sport. In short, our hands are tied, the parameters in which the sport is controlled makes it very difficult to invest, agreements made are not kept.

The numbers in karting have dwindled from over a thousand competitors in the 90’s to well under 200. Reality is that we need a fundamental change in our approach to grow karting, the biggest challenge is to reduce the cost’s, fix the problem areas, introduce solutions that will attract the working class by making it affordable . Having said that, what we have seen this year with Rotax, despite the high costs and introduction of the EVO motor upgrade, karters were happy to spend the money.

We view the currant status of karting in SA as not good , the disciplining of the competitors behavior on track needs to be addressed. The inconsistency of the penalties been handed out, where certain competitors are immune to penalties and others are not. Some blatant offenses go UN-punished.

We have achieved a very strong Mini rok class in the last year, with the engine performance differences are small. This can be seen by the competitive close racing. The sporting technical checks have to be maintain, this has to be insisted by you the competitor. I believe that the fuel control has also saved competitors money and RND on the different brands that are available.

In our last MSA meeting, MSA alluded to combining the Maxterino and Mini Rok classes and combining Junior Max and Junior Rok classes, but score separately. Obviously that would mean a competitor would have to make a choice.

The good news is all classes will be racing next year.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Published on request of Vortex-Rok South Africa.

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