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So what is on the cards for 2016?

Dear Karting Competitor,

We have again almost come to the end of another Karting season.

There are, as always a lot of rumours doing the rounds in our Karting community so MSA and your Karting Commission would like to give you a heads up on matters which may affect you, our competitors the most. Albeit I’m sure that by now most of you will have had feedback from your commission representatives.

Firstly, its’ my unfortunate task to confirm that Performance Masters, RKT and The Kartshoppe have resigned their positions on the commission.  In addition RKT has decided to relinquish their importation of the IAME X30 products. It is our understanding that they have sufficient stock of spare parts to see us to the end of 2016, but confirm they will not be importing engines. RKT will however continue their chassis supply of Kosmic and Zanardi.

Performance Masters, notwithstanding their resignation from the commission assure us this does not affect the supply of our Vortex-Rok products.

The Kartshoppe have decided to restructure their business with the emphasis on their racing team rather than retail. Negotiations are well advanced for support and supply of their retail business.  We are assured there will be no supply issues regarding the Comer Engine or the TopKart chassis used in the cadet class.

So what IS on the cards for 2016?


SPORTING Regulation information


National Event dates

  1. We have really put a lot of time into our SA National Championship calendar, in an effort to utilise school holidays and public holidays as far as possible. The Championship will again run over 4 rounds at 5 circuits. The provisional dates, pending confirmation from MSA are:
  2. 31 March to 2 April 2016                WPMC  Rotax/Rok/X30 (Please note CT is first this year)
  3. 29 April to 1 May 2016                    Algoa     ROTAX/ROK/X30
  4. 17/18 June 2016                             Idube    ROK/X30 (Please note this is TBC)
  5. 14/16 July 2016                               VKC        ROTAX/ROK/X30
  6. 18 to 20 August 2016                      RKC         ROTAX/Cadet Invitational


Circuit Closures

  • As regards circuit closures prior to SA National Championship events, this is probably the most annually debated subject with it oscillating between open, closed, one week prior, and even suggests of from one national championship event to another (like main circuit).2016 will see circuits close the Sunday evening one week prior to the event and open again on the Thursday of race week.  I.e. 10 days

Tire control

  • The number of sets of tyres will be restricted for National Championship events.
  • Competitors will be permitted a maximum of 2 sets of scanned tyres for practice (new or used) and as always 1 set from the start of qualifying for the entire event.

Fuel control

  • A more modern method of fuel control will be introduced gradually during 2016. In the early part of the year, it is possible that the old and new systems may run parallel, but we hope to switch over as soon as possible. Here is an idea of how it will work:-
  • The organisers, in cooperation with their local chosen high volume service station, will allocate a specific pump from which the competitor must purchase his fuel. The organisers will have a ‘finger print’ of the fuel from that pump.
  • The oil being used by the competitor is to be declared on your entry form.
  • The organisers have / are in the process of collecting the data as regards the ‘finger print’ with the oil/fuel ratio.
  • A Digitron meter is then used to match your fuel/oil to that of the ‘finger print’
  • It should be noted that this MAY result in limiting the choices of oil which a competitor may use. But we’ll keep you informed as we progress.

National Classes and Status –

  • Maxterino, Mini Rok, Junior Max, Super Rok, Senior Max, DD2 and X30, will have SA National Championship status
  • Junior Rok class will enjoy National Challenge Status and on condition they field a minimum of 12 of the same competitors at all events will be converted to SA National Status.
  • The minimum number of starters to qualify for a SA National Championship will increase from 10 to 12 in 2016.

Class weights

  • Weights – There may well be some minor weight adjustments particularly in the DD2 and DD2 Masters classes. But whichever way, they are unlikely to affect anyone significantly, just a kilogram or two in either direction.
  • The Cadet class will revert to 70kg’s across the board.

Front Brakes

  • Front brakes have been removed by the CIK on fixed gear karts and as normal we will follow suit. This affects our Super Rok competitors. Effective 01/01/2016

Driver Conduct

  • Nose Cones, as you know the CIK have resolved the issues they experienced with the new ‘pop up’ nose cone fittings. So effective 1/01/2016 we will follow suit. This was introduced by the CIK to improve the driving standards and conduct of competitors on track which has become a world-wide problem.
  • “CIK Art 31 – Front Fairing & Front Fairing Mounting Kit, (except Superkart), the use of a homologated front fairing and of the homologated front fairing mounting kit of the bodywork homologation period 2015 – 2020 is mandatory. Each Driver must enter the “Start” Servicing Park – Assembly Area with the front fairing detached from their kart. The Mechanic or the Driver himself must mount the front fairing in the “Start” Servicing Park – Assembly Area under the supervision of a Scrutineer. During Qualifying Heats, and all Races it is only allowed to install the front fairing to the correct position in the Repair Area. Correct installation of the “Front Fairing” The front fairing (using the front fairing mounting kit) must be in the correct position at all times during a competition.
  • The black flag with an orange disc will not be shown to a driver if his front fairing is no longer in the correct position. If the judge of fact reports that the front fairing on one or more karts was no longer in the correct position when the “black and white chequered flag” was waved and the kart(s) concerned crossed the finish line, in all situations a time penalty of  10 seconds will be imposed automatically on the driver(s) concerned. This time penalty is not susceptible to appeal. Should a Driver be found/proved to have intentionally replaced a front fairing which is not installed correctly during the last lap or after the “black and white chequered flag” was waved this will lead to an exclusion from the competition.  As from the moment the “Last Lap” panel is presented to the Drivers the Repair Area will be closed”

60cc Classes

  • 60cc Classes – Our two 60cc are both well supported and healthy. There have been discussions on splitting these classes into 2 age groups; however for 2016 the classes will remain exactly as they are. As and when a decision is made to split the classes, this will be advised well in advance to competitors allowing you time to make any equipment adjustments that may become necessary.


Tyres compounds will remain unchanged

  • C2: Cadets/Maxterino & Mini Rok
  • D2: Junior Max & Junior Rok
  • D3: Senior Max, Super Rok, DD2 and X30

Transponders –

Environmental –

  • The commission is very concerned with the revving of engines under cover, aside from being an accepted ‘no-no’ in karting communities world-wide, it is also potentially very damaging to your hearing. So the 2016 regulations will outlaw the starting and revving of engines under roof.

I think more or less covers the changes that could affect our competitors in 2016.

Our most sincere congratulations to each and every competitor for the sportsmanship displayed during 2015 and to those who have been privileged to take championships – Congratulations! On behalf of the MSA Karting Commission, we wish you all a wonderful holiday, shared with friends and your loved ones. If you are travelling please be extra safe on the roads! See you all in 2016.


Joy Dolinschek

MSA Karting Commission President

Tel (O) 021 556 6037

Cell 083 703 5010

One thought on “So what is on the cards for 2016?

  1. Ronnie Garland

    I just can’t believe the influence of individual children and there parents on the rules, the commission and MSA. I am not sure if it affects the integrity of Karting as a whole? The good news is! As there always has to be good news is that someone remembers to reset the rules once the individuals move to the next class!

    The problem is that the lost National and the negative effect on the parents and children albeit a non National class can not be undone! The commission and MSA should seriously consider removing Cadets from Nationals including Club invitational, it is a very expensive curtain raiser for the parents.

    I wonder if there will be a weight change in Maxterino or if the individual will be forced to go to Mini Rok? Will Cadets now revert to uncontrolled Fuel, or will they still be forced to pay R100 for R50 or less’ fuel and 2 stroke. I personally believe we need to make Cadets fun again! Like it nearly was in 2013/2014

    The main question in the Cadet Class I suppose is are we going to continue with this poor quality Technical Compliance, where all that matters is being right, or are we going to focus on stop giving any unfair technical advantage, and reading the regs and bulletins? Breaking a 5 year olds spirit is not why I have tried to grow the sport. The Benefactors are in fact the importers, the Track Owners, the Clubs, the Commission and MSA!

    Without a growing Cadet class, Karting is shrinking! I for one have tried my best, and want to thank the few parents that supported me, and Karting to the very last “National” I mean club race!

    Listening is not as important as hearing!

    Be Blessed

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